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Training in Australia for Backpackers

a young backpacker woman in training of serving alcoholic drinks with the text Training in Australia Backpacker's Guide

Many jobs here in Australia will require you to do a certain amount of training before you can start work. A lot of these courses are entry-level courses and are not too difficult.

Completing a course specific to the job you want before you start applying will give an advantage over backpackers who don’t. In most cases, you will have to pay a small amount for it but getting employed ahead of others will pay you back quickly.

You can complete most courses online in just a few hours, and in some cases you can even do them before you leave for Australia.

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Mandatory Training Courses

Table Example
Job Type Training States Classroom or Online
Hospitality and Bar Work RSA All Training must be completed in a classroom in NSW, but in any ohter state it can be online or in a classroom.
Bar and Pub Work - Where There are Poker Machines on Premises (most of them) RSG/RSC QLD, NSW, TAS, VIC, SA, NT Online for QLD,SA,WA,NT
Class for NSW,VIC,TAS
Labouring and Construction White Card All Both
Working with Children "Blue Card" (QLD) / "Ochre Card" (NT) / or "Working With Children Check/ Certificate QLD,NSW,NT,WA,VIC, SA,ACT,VIC Not necessarily a course, but involves getting police checks and ongoing police screening

Working in Hospitality and Bar Work

Working in hospitality, especially in bars, nightclubs and restaurants, is a great way to have fun, make friends and get paid for it.

To work in hospitality or anywhere that serves alcohol (i.e. bars, nightclubs, off-licenses, restaurants etc) you will need to complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course. Find out how to do an RSA course here.

NSW has specific requirements and QLD is where a lot of backpackers start working.

If you are working in a bar or Pub that has poker machines (more commonly known as ‘Pokies’ in Australia), you may need to complete an RSG and/or RCG course.

Bar and Pub Work - Where There Are Poker Machines on the Premises

Most bars and pubs in Australia have poker machines (or Pokies as they’re  more commonly known), so if you want to work in a bar or pub in Australia you will probably need to complete either an RSG or RCG course (Responsible Gambling).

Find out how to do an RSG/RCG course here.

Working in Labouring and Construction

If you want to work in construction in Australia you will definitely need to have a White Card. They are pretty easy to get and involve a 2-4 hour online course or a 6-hour face-to-face course. Check out our article on how to get a White Card and tips on how to pass it easily.

Working with Children Certificates

To work with children in Australia you may need to get certain certification, depending on what state you will be working in. These aren’t really courses as such, but you do need to have them. Being allowed to work with children in some states will involve applying for cards e.g. Queensland’s ‘Blue Card’ or Northern Territories ‘Ochre Card’, while others involve background checks and continous monitoring.

Each state has different requirements, but the majority involve getting a Police Clearance Certificate. You can read more about the different requirements for working with children in each state here.

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