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White Card Course Australia

A happy construction worker at work doing thumbs up with the text White Card Course - Complete Guide for Backpackers with Tips How to Pass

Working in construction, particularly labouring, is a popular job among working holiday visa makers. However, you can’t work in labouring or construction without a White Card.

Labouring jobs are easy to get into, even at entry level, and it’s a great way for backpackers to earn money.

However, BEWARE of not having your White Card qualifications on your resume BEFORE you apply.

Fortunately, the process to get a White Card in Australia is relatively simple and you can do it easily yourself online.

In this guide, I will explain what a white card is and the best ways to get one as well as some helpful tips.

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1. White Card Basics

1.1 What is a Construction White Card in Australia?

A white card is issued once you have completed a training course for safe practices on a construction site. The course can be done easily online from a Registered Training Organization (RTO).

The idea behind the training is to provide safe practices and hazard identification on construction sites.

1.2 Do I need a White Card to work in Construction in Australia?

To work on any construction site here in Australia you need a White Card. 

Working in the construction industry is a very popular job amongst backpackers due to the high pay levels, and high demand for workers and it often qualifies for eligible days for a second and third-year visa if you hold a subclass 417 or 462 visa. 

See the complete second-year visa guide and third-year visa guide I created for an easy-to-follow guide to getting these visas.  

To work in the construction industry in Australia you will first need to obtain a White Card.

The courses can be easily completed online and there are also classroom training courses.

Like myself, most backpackers I know prefer online courses because it’s cheaper and you can complete the required White Card Questions and White Card Answers at your own pace.

1.3 What Jobs Require a Construction White Card in Australia?

Regardless of any construction experience you have prior to working in Australia, you will need a White Card to work in Construction. The construction industry is huge with a lot of different job roles, here is an example of common construction jobs backpackers carry out here in Australia:

The list of jobs in the construction industry is endless. Basically, if you’re on a construction site or if heavy machinery or construction materials are being used you will need a white card.

1.4 How much does a Construction White Card Course Cost?

I have seen some online courses that cost as little as $18. However, the majority of courses range from $20 – $149 in most states.

As you can see, you can get a White Card for as little as $18 however, there is definitely a difference in quality between some providers. Some courses are great and some are terrible. See the next section for more details.

1.5 How long does a White Card course take?

The majority of the online courses can be completed in 4-12 hours, depending on your pace. You can save and resume the course and do it at your own pace.

1.6 White Card Online Training Courses

The online training courses are the best way to complete the White Card Training and receive your Construction White Card.

What’s involved in a White Card Online Training Course?

The online courses provide interactive training videos and modules that teach you everything you need to know about Safe Practices and procedures on a construction site. It has 3 assessment parts that are as follows:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions

Once you have completed the training there are multiple-choice assessments that you need to pass to move on to the next section.

  1. Phone Interviews

Once you have completed the multiple-choice part of each section you are required to complete phone interviews. Most providers require you to schedule a time that you are available and the person will call at this time and you to ask questions about the material you covered in the section. The interview is usually around 10-20 minutes.

  1. Video Submission

Once you have completed the multiple choice questions and the phone interviews the last step is to submit a video demonstrating the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment Protective (PPE). You are required to film a video often showing the following: 

I provided you some tips on how to pass these sections quickly and easily in section 6.

2. Benefits of a Good White Card Provider

A quick Google search will show a ton of different providers, using any one of these providers will get you a White Card Certificate but some are definitely better than others.

As a general rule, the cheapest course probably won’t be the best one.

White Card courses in Australia are designed to require that you contact a trainer if you get the answer to a question wrong more than 3 times. Good training means that contacting a trainer is relatively easy so that you can continue with the course. Good training also means that the content of the course is presented in a way (like Interactive Video) where getting the correct answer is made easier and you learn more!

We have tested a lot of courses and have found that the cheaper courses have terrible support, terrible content, and websites with a lot of bugs that constantly require you to re-login.

We at Jobaroo, like you, are constantly searching for the best inexpensive courses that will save you money as well as provide excellent content. 

2.1 Best White Card Online Course

Blue Dog White Card

We can highly recommend the Blue Dog White Card. It has received a 4.8 – 5 star rating on Trustpilot, Product Review and Google reviews. A lot of the reviews report a very simple and easy-to-use platform with great technical support, reliable service, and great videos. Some reviewers have also reported using Blue Dog after being scammed by illegitimate white card providers.

Be aware of illegitimate training providers trying to make a quick buck, avoid paying twice, and use a reliable training provider like Blue Dog White Card.

3. Which State Has the Best White Card Certificate?

White Card Australia has developed a nationally recognized course. This means regardless of which state you complete the White Card in, it is accepted in Other States.

I recommend doing training in the state you are thinking of working in as the training will be more specific to the state you will be working in.

However, it is not essential you can basically complete any White Card Course from any State.

4. Do I Need a White Card Before I Start Working On a Construction Site in Australia?

Yes, a white card is required and is often asked to be shown before you are allowed onto a job site. Construction Sites can be extremely dangerous due to the use of heavy machinery and power tools.

It is for you’re own health and safety to be aware of hazards and potential issues that are covered in a White Card Course. So doing the White Card training will also help keep you safer.

5. How do I get a White Card Certificate?

Once you’ve decided on a provider, getting a White Card Certificate is a simple process

  1. Sign up to a good provider
  2. You will need to create a Unique Student Identifier (USI). The provider should provide a link once you’ve signed up.
  3. Complete the course
  4. You will be issued with a White Card Certificate usually a PDF which you can print or email to an employer when they ask for it

6. Tips to Help You Pass and Save Time and Money

an infographic on how to pass white card course in Australia and save money in the processCheaper Ways to Get ahold of PPE Equipment

To complete the video section you will need PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). You could go out and buy your new equipment which is great if you plan to use it a lot, it’s a useful investment. 

But if you’re like me and you’re just doing odd construction jobs here and there or are backpacking and don’t want to carry a hard hat everywhere you go, then here are some ideas to complete the video section of the white card without spending a lot of money buying new equipment. 

  1. If you’re lucky you’ll know someone who works in construction and they can lend you theirs for a few minutes to record the video
  2. Buy new or second-hand on Marketplace or Gumtree then resell it after you’ve made the video.
  3. Find someone else (or a few people) who are also doing their White card and share the cost amongst yourselves to purchase new or second-hand. 
  4. If you find someone who is trying to sell their PPE on Gumtree or Marketplace, offer them a small amount of money, say $10 – $20 to use it for a few minutes to make the video instead of buying it and reselling it. I ended up doing this option, I found another backpacker selling their PPE on the marketplace, he even filmed the video for me and we had a laugh.


It’s a requirement to make the videos using PPE to pass the White card so it’s easier than you think trying to find PPE for sale from someone who purchased it just for the video.

Go Slow to Go Fast

Take your time going through the material. There is a big temptation to rush through or not even look at the material and go straight to the White Card Questions and White Card Answers.

Doing this could mean you get the question wrong 3 times and need to contact your training provider. Don’t stress if this happens though (it happened to me) but it certainly slows you down. 

Go slow over the information you think will be important and you will breeze through the White Card Questions and White Card Answers.

Eliminate the obvious wrong answers

Just like any multiple-choice quiz or exam you’ve done, there are always a few ridiculous answers. 

In the White Card Questions, there are usually 2 obvious incorrect answers. Eliminating these straight away will leave you with 2 or 4 answers to choose from. So pretty hard to get it wrong 3 times. 

Do It At Your Own Pace

If you’re anything like me, I lose concentration after a few hours (sometimes a lot less time). 

That’s why I love the online course. I can pause and resume it whenever I want. It takes 4-12 hours to finish, but I don’t have to do it all in one day. Instead, I split it into smaller sessions and give my full attention to each one. This way, I can avoid making mistakes with the questions and having to contact support after 3 wrong answers. You can this technique too.

Don’t Put the Same Answer Twice

Sounds silly but it happens a lot.

You might be certain that was the right answer, but refuse the temptation to select the same answer again. You may have misread the question. It is extremely unlikely there was a glitch (even with the cheaper courses) if it says it was wrong.

The White Card Course is set up for you to review the material while you answer the questions. If you got it wrong you can review the material to find the right answer. 

Avoid Cheap and Nasty Courses

As we mentioned above some courses are better than others, avoid the cheap and nasty courses. Although the course might be cheap, you will have to spend a lot of time waiting for technical support to complete the course should you get an answer wrong. This will slow you down and make you frustrated. You can use the courses I recommend above.

Beware of Cash in Hand Construction Work

It’s worth mentioning you need to take care of the payment method when you start working in construction, especially if you are trying to complete your eligible visa days for a second or third-year visa. Construction is one of the more common industries in Australia that you might be offered Cash in Hand payment for work. Take extra care with this form of payment as when you apply for a second or third-year visa you will be asked to provide payslips. 

Cash in Hand Payments is hard to prove the number of hours or days worked or paid when you’re applying for your second or third-year visa. Ask the employer for a payslip because you need it for your visa days. If they aren’t willing to provide one then they most likely won’t be very helpful in confirming your visa days when Immigration Australia calls and starts asking questions.

7. FAQ

The White Card was previously called a Blue Card. You might hear some older construction workers referring to the blue card. A White Card has replaced this system.

Of course, you can apply for jobs. However, you won’t be able to start working until you have a White card so it will deter a lot of employers from hiring you.

No, you have to complete a White Card Australia Course to work in Construction in Australia.

Some courses allow you to start the course but you won’t be able to finish the course without a Unique Student Identifier (USI). The USI can’t be obtained unless you have a valid visa for Australia. Even if you’re working holiday visa has been granted, the visa does not activate until you arrive in Australia. Therefore you won’t be able to get a USI before you arrive and won’t be able to complete the course.

Yes. All states allow you to use a White Card Interstate. Doesn’t matter which state you got you’re white card in you can use it in any State.

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