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Jobs Guides by Industry

Our job guides are designed to help you decide the type of employment in Australia that best suits your needs. Australia’s employment options are as diverse as the country itself, however by highlighting all the important aspects of working in a particular industry we hope to make your choice much easier.

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To learn more select an industry from the lists below – Backpackers or Professions:


Most backpackers simply want to make some good money whilst travelling and experiencing Australia. There are many jobs that can achieve this which are located all over the country. The trick is to make it work well based on what you want to see and do in Australia.

Questions we answer:

  1. Where – outback, city or beach?
  2. Training required?
  3. How do you get these jobs?


Many qualified and experienced overseas professionals can find excellent career options in Australia. Working in Australia can be a terrific opportunity that can also lead to immigration. In these pages, we highlight the important aspects of working in your chosen profession.

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