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Resources to Make Your Time in Australia Better

There are a few essentials we wish you to know, weather you have just started looking for work or you have been in Australia for a while.

Getting Paid / Managing Money

Open a Wise Account

Opening a Wise account is an excellent way to make things easier for you in Australia or overseas. This is because the Wise account enables you to deal with multiple currencies easily and inexpensively and get Aussie cash and pay for things without the crazy fees that normal cards charge.

A huge bonus is also that you can also send money back home or easily get funds from home easily and quickly open a Wise account.

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Get a Bank Account

While the Wise account is easier to get and more useful for multiple currencies, a bank account from one of the big banks in Australia is also a good idea. Check out our guide to opening a bank in Australia.

Plan to Get Your Super Back and Tax Back ASAP

Regardless of what country you’re from, you could be entitled to a Superannuation refund, which can add up to a substantial amount.

And if you’re from the UK, Germany, Finland, Chile, Japan, Norway, Israel, or Turkey and worked in Australia on a 417 or 462 visa, you could also be eligible for a significant tax refund if you can prove your residency. 


Proving residency involves showing documentation like tenancy agreements, rent receipts, and utility bills.

To get your refunds, you can use a tax agency, file online through the ATO, or submit your return by mail. Now we know that some of these documents may not be practical if you are travelling a lot but many people miss out just because they don’t know about the possibility of getting a refund.

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Third Year Working Holiday Visa - Complete Guide

2nd or 3rd Visas

Staying longer in Australia may require a little planning. If you are on subclass 417 or 462 (Working Holiday or Work and Holiday) visas you may be eligible to apply for a second and even a third visa.

The important bit to know for planning purposes is that to qualify, you need 88 days of “specified work” it is usually located in regional areas. The work is often agriculture, fishing, mining, or construction and the cool part is the is it can be an amazing experience because you get to see parts of “real” Australia.

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